Miss America finally axes its swimsuit competition

Image via Miss America Organization

About time.

After an overhaul of the organisation which resulted in three women taking over its top leadership positions, The Miss America Organization has announced it’s cutting the swimsuit component of competitions.

With an aim to shift the focus of the pageant toward personality and intellect, the organisation will instead replace the segment with a “live interactive session with the judges.”

“We are not going to judge you on your outward appearance,” Miss America Organization chairwoman Gretchen Carlson told Good Morning America.

“We want more women to know that they are welcome in this organization.”

The ‘pageant’ will now also be known as a competition, and Carlson is hoping to attract a more diverse group of contestants.

“We want more young women to see this program as a platform upon which they can advance their desire to make a real difference and to provide them with the necessary skills and resources for them to succeed in any career path they choose.”

We can only hope Miss Australia and Miss Universe follow suit.


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