4 ways to *actually* remember to check your breasts

Feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ myself.

It’s the last day of the month that celebrates dodgy costumes and scary movie marathons. But October isn’t reserved just for Halloween, it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

While I may know what bra size I am and which push-up bra is going to give me maximum results, it appears I’m not so breast-aware. 

I’m going to admit it: I don’t regularly check my breasts. A quick look in the mirror like dayum baby girl is the extent to my self-checkout.

But it really shouldn’t be. We all know that early detection and appropriate treatment can significantly improve breast cancer survival. So ladies, it’s time to start scheduling a regular appointment with your girls.

According to Cancer Australia, changes that we should be looking out for include: 

  • a new lump in your breast or underarm
  • thickening or swelling in part of your breast
  • flaky, red or inverted nipples 
  • nipple discharge that occurs without squeezing 
  • irritation or dimpling of your breast skin
  • a change in shape and size of your breast
  • unusual or lasting pain 

While there is no one technique to check your breasts, there are a few ways to make sure you remember to actually do it.

1. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

While you’re standing in front of the mirror with your shoulders straight and your arms on your hips whispering your daily messages of positivity, get to know the look of your boobs. One bigger than the other? The left one slightly higher? By noticing these little details you’ll be able to detect any potential changes. 

2. Raise the roof

Same as above. This time with hands to the ceiling while you do a mini rave in your bathroom. Check for any fluid from the nipples. 

3. Check-this and chill 

Time to multi-task while you lie down and watch Netflix. Get hands-y by using the pads of your first few fingers in circular motions over the entirety of your breasts. Use the left hand for your right breast and vice versa, from top to bottom and side to side (your collarbone to the top of your abdomen and your armpit to your cleavage). 

4. Wash, rinse, repeat 

Checking your boobs in between shampooing and conditioning your hair serves as a good addition to your routine. Do you get scolded for using all the hot water, always? You can instead use the same technique as you apply your moisturiser. 

So now that we’ve chatted boobs you can go ‘boo’ all you like. Bad Halloween puns, my deepest apologies.


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