How Fashion Journal is supporting our community during COVID-19


A letter from your editors.

Dear Fashion Journal friends and family,

These are trying times for everyone in the fashion industry and the world at large. Like many in our community, we too have been impacted by changes to our lives and work environment.

But we stand committed to supporting our industry and seeing it through to the other side. So, we will remain online – albeit in a modified format – and continue to keep you connected with fashion news, deep-dive features, updates on Harry Styles’ best looks, and everything else you love about Fashion Journal. 

We also might look a little different over the next few months, as we all adapt together, but we are committed to supporting our industry and readers throughout this time. We’re taking small but positive steps to this end, including:

  • Inviting big businesses to sponsor features on small traders. We’ve come to the party with additional media, so these features get all the attention they deserve.
  • Instagram Live sessions to keep us all sane. We’re working with our sibling publication Beat to create a series of nightly gigs that will be rolling out soon.
  • Small business shoutouts on our Instagram Stories. Tell us about a small business you love within the creative industry and we’ll give them a shoutout (this also applies to freelance creatives!)
  • A book club to help us switch off from the news cycle. We’re working with partners to debut our first book club, to help us all switch off and connect with one another.
  • Sharing resources for support. It’s a hard time for all of us, but can be especially so for people struggling with their mental health, experiencing family violence, suffering from an eating disorder and more. We’ll try to connect you with resources that will help, including the above links to support services.  
  • Continuing to provide a little reprieve from all the heaviness. We’ll keep up the lighthearted Fashion Journal content you know and love, like this piece on bougie hand sanitisers when you’re too extra for Dettol.

If you have any other ideas of how else we can support our readers and creative community during this time, we’d love to hear it. 

And finally, a big thank you for your continued support of us, our colleagues and friends, and the entire fashion industry. Together we will see this through.

Lots of love,

Giulia and Cait

Fashion Journal Editors

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