Hulu’s Fyre Festival doco is finally coming to Australia and here’s how to watch it

Image via Netflix
Words by Ruby Staley

“Told by the whistle blowers, insiders and victims.”

Even after two years, we still can’t get enough of the disaster that was Fyre – the event that promised luxury and delivered cheese slices on bread.

Three months after Fyre Fraud’s hyped release in the US, Australians will now finally be able to watch the Hulu documentary, which offers more insight into the train wreck.

Freeing itself from the point of view of organisers Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, (as was seen in the Netflix version), Fyre Fraud focuses in on the untold stories of the festival’s victims. It reportedly widens the lens a little and critiques the influence of social media and celebrities in the internet age.

In saying this, it does, however, feature a notable interview with McFarland himself, who is now serving a six-year prison sentence for fraud.

Check out the trailer below and then catch it on Channel 7 this Sunday at 9.30pm.

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