IKEA has released a sleep podcast to help you doze off at night

Image via IKEA/Facebook
Words by Tara Smith

Is there anything IKEA can’t do?

If you’ve ever struggled to fall asleep at night, perhaps it’s time you considered switching off the whale sounds for something a little more calming.

IKEA has now released its very own sleep podcast, narrated by two Swedish IKEA colleagues.

Listeners can doze off to the dulcet tones of Kent and Sara Eriksson, who have worked at IKEA for 28 and 13 years, respectively. The pair has two daughters (who also work at IKEA) and a son who has done a previous stint at the retailer, making them the perfect IKEA family.

The podcast starts with an explanation of IKEA product names (for example, beds and wardrobes are named after Norwegian places, while textiles are named after flowers and plants), before launching into the correct pronunciation of each word.

And trust us, it’s calming as hell.

You can choose between male or female narration, with the podcast covering the bedroom and storage section of the latest catalogue.

But don’t take our word for it, take a listen below, or add the podcast to your Spotify playlist here.


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