It’s time someone said it: Gordon Ramsay is the whole package

Words by Veronica Stanford and Leah White

The man, the myth, the legend.

Has there ever been a man as compassionate, ruggedly good looking, helpful and full of BDE as Gordon Ramsay?

The obvious answer is no. But sadly it seems society doesn’t always give this Michelin-star chef the credit he deserves. He’s often overlooked in the battle of the celebrity chefs, but we’re here to make a strong case that he’s the finest of them all.

Sure, Jamie Oliver does pronounce guacamole in an exciting way, and Antoni is quite dishy, but even all their traits combined don’t make up half the exemplary human that is Gordon Ramsay. 

And here are 17 reasons to prove it.

1. He’s the definition of a daddy

2. And actually just a great father

3. Things heat up when he’s around


4. He’s got a great sense of humour


5. He’s fighting the war on drugs

6. He knows how to show his staff the appreciation they deserve

7. He’ll melt your heart on MasterChef Junior


8. He runs a charity with his wife to give sick children the best chance at life

9. He’s not afraid of a bit of well-timed nudity


10. Contrary to popular belief his hair is always on point (also looks 10/10 here as a hot airline chef)


11. Like a fine wine, Ramsay only gets better with age


12. Even babies want to look like him

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13. He makes a mean avo on toast

14. And his plating skills are goals (obvs)

15. He’s a true romantic

16. Who’s down with all the current lingo

17. But most of all, at his core, he just wants to bring out the best in all of us

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