Louis C.K. returns to comedy with jokes about his 9-year-old daughter having sex

Has he not learnt anything?

Louis C.K. has returned to comedy and the reports coming in about his set aren’t all too positive.

The alleged creeper/comedian dropped into New York City’s Comedy Cellar for the second time since admitting to sexual misconduct in November of last year.

Despite reportedly getting plenty of laughs, understandably, not everyone was psyched about his appearance. Several news outlets have even reported two women walked out of the show.

According to one attendee who spoke to Huffington Post, C.K. “made a joke about how it wasn’t ‘unanimous’ that people were excited to see him.”

Another told the publication some of his jokes felt inappropriate because of the context surrounding the disgraced comedian.

“One was a joke about taking his 9 year old daughter to Old Navy and seeing that they have boyfriend shirts for 9 year old girls, and then graphically describing, ‘Oh, is my 9 year old supposed to be f-ing her boyfriend all night and taking his shirt?’ and another was about how much he liked ‘his doctor touching him.’ He had a Freudian slip, saying ‘I love it when my father touches me’ (instead of doctor).”

*Shudders* it kind of sounds like he hasn’t learnt a thing. 

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