Louis Vuitton releases a $900 pencil set so you can dominate Year 9 art

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Colouring, but make it fashion.

Art students, listen up: Louis Vuitton has dropped a ∼tres affordable low-key pencil roll for you to bring to class.

Dabbling in the luxury colouring world, Louis Vuitton’s take on the pencil case features a luxe leather exterior, which is covered with the brand’s signature LV monogram.

Inside, you’ll find 40 wooden pencils, all secured by individual slots to ensure they don’t slip out when on the move. The case even features hand-painted circles to correspond with the colours, showing where they should be placed.

To get your hands on the fancy pencil set, you’ll only need to fork up about $900 USD. A small price to pay in the name of fashion.

We can expect a release sometime in April so, in the meantime, we’ll have to stick with Crayola.


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