Make winter better with these wine delivery services

Words by Hannah Cole

Illustration by Twylamae

Wine time.

It’s only just the beginning of winter, and I’m already feeling the ice penetrating my bones. How will I survive? I ask myself this every time the season comes calling. Having read an insightful piece on happiness and ageing by children’s author, Judith Viorst, I’m reshaping my views. As she writes, “I learned…to look around and pay attention to what could make my life feel better right here and right now.”

In that vein, what would make this current chill a little more bearable? A glass of aged red of course! Nothing warms the soul quite so well. And, thanks to modern technology, there’s now no need to layer up and traipse to the nearest Bottle-O to satisfy these whims. Instead, an array of beverage delivery services are now at our fingertips; we’re just a tap away from some winter joy. I’ve tried a few, so you don’t have to. Whether you are a last-minute dinner party host or a stockpiler for “emergencies”, I’ve got you covered.

For the prepared

Naked Wines
I will be shocked if you claim you have never received a $100 first-time voucher for Naked Wines. My online shopping habits have resulted in an embarrassing amount. I suggest you use one of these lingering vouchers to kickstart your winter wine stash. Naked Wines prides itself on supporting independent winemakers and removing the middle-man to offer us the best in the biz. While the program works off a subscription basis, go and order your first box, and cancel later if you struggle with commitment. I recommend: Tapi, Gypsy Caravan, Ashley Horner, and Boy Meets Girl.

As “purveyors of fine grape juice,” DRNKS has carved a niche in the beverage market. With an aesthetically-pleasing online presence, each bottle of fine wine, beer and cider are presented at its best. Extra marks are given for curating a notable selection of sustainable, organic and biodynamic wines; the ones we are seeking for a supposedly hangover-free morning-after. Order in advance of your next dinner party and impress your guests with a bottle of Pinot Noir from the Bourgogne region in France. Sit back as the compliments roll in.

For the last-minute emergency

I was literally left agape with surprise when Tipple delivered my precious cargo to suburban Sydney in less than half an hour. A service that delivers on its promise is a service to treasure. While the choice is more limited, an urgent situation calls for the best it can get; beggars can’t be choosers. Bookmark the website (speed-dial for the modern day) if you live in Melbourne or Sydney.

Jimmy Brings
Jimmy Brings is the Jim’s Mowing of the alcoholic beverage world. He’s everywhere (on the East Coast for now). I daresay every Friday afternoon I spy Jimmy and his van delivering the end-of-week reprise to workplaces across the city. Thankfully, he works just as hard to make our last-minute home requests feasible. One dreary Wednesday afternoon, I pre-empted a required dose of post-work vino and thus placed my order, selected my delivery window, and away we went. My only qualm though Mr Jimmy, please stop using plastic bags.

Best of the rest

If you’re still after more, why not try Good Pair Days – a delectable offering providing matching recipes and a dose of Instagrammable content. I’m in. Or uncover Handpicked Wines’ sustainable bottles delivered straight to your door (trust me, they are delicious).

And just like that, I have enough wine to get me through the winter. Does anyone want to come over?

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