Audio-guided masturbation is surging in popularity, so where can we find it?



Think Headspace, but horny.

Nowadays, you can get almost anything in audio form; books, meditation and even porn. We know all about the surge in popularity of podcasts, but audio erotica is having its moment too.

For some of us, mainstream visual porn just doesn’t do the trick. Women commonly take a mind-first approach to sex, imagining their own narrative fantasies to help get them in the mood. And now audio-guided masturbation platforms are here to do all the work for you.

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From narrated stories to guided practices, there’s sure to be something to turn you on. If you’re looking for a more mindful approach, there are spaces where you can journal about your experiences, and intimate wellness guides to explore sexual self-care. Tap into your imagination with one of the platforms below and thank us later.


Female-founded audio masturbation startup Dipsea is filled with short audio stories and immersive sound experiences. There are a variety of genres to meet so many different preferences and interests; ranging from dirty talk, to group action to forbidden romance. If you’re looking for more of a peaceful vibe, there’s also wellness and sleep sections on offer. The stories are all under 20 minutes long, designed to fit into your schedule whenever you want. Add a little creativity and subscribe on the app store for $21.49 per month.



&Jane is all about making erotic content from the female perspective, prioritising diversity, sophistication, imagination and privacy. The stories are all real and chronicled from a collection of women’s everyday erotic lives. You can follow your favourite creators so you don’t miss their weekly content. Think your own sexcapades are pretty exciting? Users can submit their own anecdotes anonymously or publically for others to enjoy. Hear the steamy stories for $7.99 monthly.



Audio porn website Quinn was founded by Caroline Spiegel, younger sister of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, when she was just 22-years-old. Specifically designed for women, the site offers a myriad of different categories, including co-workers, accents and age differences. The content is made by verified creators, and users can save their favourites so they can easily keep coming back. Its tagline is ‘Quinn girls finish first’; subscribe for $6.99 per month on the app store and see for yourself.  



Australian company Lbdo wants you to add getting sensual to your everyday essentials. It creates sexual wellness products, like vibrators and lube, that are functional but aesthetic. Launching this year, it’s the first Australian brand to create audio-guided masturbation, with three sessions on offer. Two are created for women, and one is designed to be gender-neutral. Listen to the guides for free on the Lbdo website.



Ferly was created as a space where women can discover exactly what sex means to them. The content ranges from sensual stories to guided practises, to programmes where users can learn about the science behind what turns them on. It’s all backed by research and personalised through a three-minute quiz, because pleasure is personal. Download the app and practise sexual self-care from $18.99 a month.


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