Netflix releases a teaser for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

Image via Netflix
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Start working on your theories.

We might have come to terms with the long wait for Strangers Things Season 3. But that doesn’t mean we’re not desperate for sneak peeks and updates to sustain us.

So far, we know that new characters will be introduced, as well as a fresh setting called the ‘Starcourt Mall’.

But now, a full list of episode titles has been released, leaving everybody free to make guesses and draw assumptions on what to expect.

Two of the titles – The Mall Rats and The Battle of Starcourt – confirm the new mall setting will be as important as we expected. Others, like The Case of the Missing Lifeguard or The Source, suggest drama, mystery and plenty of sleuthing.

It’s worth remembering that a similar video was released ahead of Season 2. That time around, only some of the teased titles actually lined up with episodes released.

But while we advise taking the hints with a grain of salt, there’s no doubt this season sounds just as spooky and exciting as we could have hoped.

Check out the full teaser below.


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