‘Stranger Things’ drops a new teaser ahead of Season 3

Image via Netflix
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

It’s getting hot in here.

Season three of Stranger Things is so close we can taste it, and we’re happily soaking up all the sneak peeks that we can.

The latest content available for dissection is a short, summer-themed teaser.

Hawkins’ resident bad boy (and we mean really, really bad boy), Billy Hargrove, appears as a lifeguard at the Community Pool. He’s shirtless, he’s strutting his stuff, he’s yelling at kids and he’s flirting with mums – Mike’s mum, specifically.

We already know the new season takes place over summer break and apparently, while Steve is slinging ice-cream scoops, Billy is exerting his power half-naked at the pool.

If you haven’t seen the official full-length trailer yet, we recommend doing so immediately to find out how everyone else is spending their holidays. It seems the new season’s got everything we could ask for from the ST gang – new monsters, wholesome Steve and Dustin content, great ’80s outfits, a blossoming friendship between Eleven and Max, and more.

Season three drops on July 4, less than two months away. Check out the teaser below.


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