Study finds one-third of Australians feel ‘too busy’ at work to take a holiday

Image via InterContinental Hotel & Resorts
Words by Rosie Macquire

Take me away.

A recent study undertaken by InterContinental Hotel & Resorts has given us an insight into Australia’s work-life balance, and the results seem to prove what we already knew: many of us feel too busy at work to take a holiday.

In fact, a huge 32% of Australians reportedly said they won’t take a holiday because they have too much to do at work,  while half a million Aussie workers said they refuse to take annual leave because of the stress they would return to. Two million full-time workers report having not been on holiday in over a year.

Of those that do decide to treat themselves, Queensland took out the top spot for national holiday destinations, followed by New South Wales and then Victoria.

As for the perfect holiday, two-thirds of participants said a convenient location is very important, with another 58 per cent saying wifi is vital.


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