10 things to do when you’re bored AF at home on Valentine’s Day

Red or white wine?

There’s a number of occasions in life when being single is the best. When you’re single, you can watch 16 & Pregnant all day long, order pizza with extra anchovies and buy bottles of wine that don’t need to be shared. 

Then there are those other times, when being single straight-up sucks: killing spiders, buy-one-get-one-free meal vouchers and re-tuning the TV after a storm, for example. 

Valentine’s Day is also painful. Not because you’re not in love, just because all your friends are coupled up or on a date and you’re bored. 

So here are 10 things to do while all your friends are ‘busy’. 

Clean out your wardrobe 

Nothing carries your mind away like getting knee-deep in your wardrobe. Get started and before you know it, it’ll be next Valentine’s Day! Be sure to try on anything you feel extra hot in. Then, jump online and sell anything you’ve abandoned – the sales will give you a confidence boost.

Make a vision board

Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have, dwell on what you do have – or more specifically, what you want – in the form of a vision board. Bonus points if it focuses on being single and amazing. Think overseas holidays on your own, a promotion at work, concert tickets and a new, expensive handbag.

Organise a cocktail-making class

This is really just a nice way of saying ‘dig around for any equally bored leftover friends to come over and drink the night away’. BYO 1 x cocktail recipe, all ingredients required and your party pants.

Make a list of all the reasons you’re amazing 

Unless you’re blessed with a very confident personality, it’s likely you spend way too much wishing you were taller/better at cooking/weren’t so socially awkward. But of all the days on the calendar, February 14 is the one where we should love ourselves just a bit more. Make a list of all the reasons you’re amazing and hang it up on your mirror to read every day.

I’ll start us off: I make a mean fish taco, write nice birthday cards and can carry all the grocery bags up the stairs in one go. Your turn! 

Host Galentine’s Day at your place

Everyone knows Galentine’s Day is more fun anyway, so gather up your best galpals (or guy pals) and host an event where there are absolutely no SOs allowed. The options are literally endless, but some of my favourites include: 

  • chucking a group sickie in favour of a bottomless brunch with breakfast spread goals and unlimited mimosas 
  • an evening clothes swap party (from your wardrobe clean-out) 
  • watching all the worst rom-coms while heckling and throwing things at the TV. 

Learn to cook

Give yourself a night off from microwave meals, peanut butter toast and Mi Goreng noodles. It’s time to pour yourself a glass of red wine, put on your favourite most embarrassing music, dust off that old cookbook your mum gave you when you moved out, and cook yourself a badass dinner for one. Follow with this dessert that knows where you’re at in life.

Have an at-home spa session 

When you’re coupled up, you’ll miss the days of spending three hours in the bathroom, lying in the tub, trying new hair treatments and applying weird face masks with no judgement, so take advantage! If you’re feeling creative, you can even spend the night making up your own facials using products out of your pantry. Fun and thrifty.

Count all the money you’ve saved

No high-end dresses, expensive restaurant reservations, dozens of long-stem roses here… Just a big stack of cash you’ve saved by being single. It’s practically begging to be spent. 

Then go on an online shopping spree

So, estimate how much Valentine’s Day would’ve cost you, and use that money to treat yo’self to an all-nighter shopping spree. If you’re smart, you might’ve bookmarked everything you want to buy, and you can now check out with that V-Day promo code. 

Plan a holiday 

There is literally no better feeling in the world than booking a holiday (except maybe finding $20 in your jacket), so if you need a little cheering up, it’s time to pull out the credit card. It’s an emergency. Here’s where you can choose your own adventure: leave immediately or book for next year, when you can f*ck off overseas and avoid Valentine’s Day (and DIY facials) completely.  

Illustration by Twylamae.

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