The Fat Jew to launch White Girl Rosé

“This is so us.”

Rosé lovers listen up! Boy do we have a treat for you. 

Josh Ostrovsky a.k.a The Fat Jew has announced he will be releasing his own wine label, solely producing – you guessed it – rosé.

Apparently last summer in the Hamptons, there was breaking news that rosé was running dangerously low. Fear spread throughout the city that the pink vino would run dry. However, the necessity of this substance was not ignored, and taking inspiration from the travesty, Ostrovsky swooped in to the rescue.

He has recently announced the launch of his label, White Girl Rosé, which boasts the apt tagline “this is so us.” 

According to the Insta-famous celeb, stockists of White Girl Rosé include The Fat Jew’s car boot with directions, “Grab a ton and pour it over yourself.”

We suggest maybe giving it a taste as well. 

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