A Mean Girls sequel is coming

It features Jennifer Aniston and is going to be so fetch.

Glassy-haired and butt-grabber Jennifer Aniston is poised to star in the upcoming female-driven comedy Mean Moms, a “spiritual sequel” to Mean Girls with a grown up cast.

According to Deadline, the Friends star is likely to re-team with Horrible Bosses 2 director Sean Anders to play a lead character in the film – a happily married mother of two who moves to a wealthy suburban neighbourhood and confronts the world of competitive parenting. 

Matching the spirit of Mean Girls, the story is based on Rosalind Wiseman’s advice book – Queen Bee Moms and King Pin Dads: Dealing with the Parent, Teachers, Coaches, And Counselors Who Can Make-or-Break your Child’s Future. It’s still unknown whether Aniston will play a role in line with Regina George or Cady Heron. 

Here’s hoping Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are in on this. Cos that will be so fetch. 

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