Miley Cyrus launches The Happy Hippie Foundation

For the homeless youth, LGBT youth and other vulnerable groups.

Miley Cyrus made a big announcement on Facebook. She’s just launched The Happy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit organisation for the homeless youth, LGBT youth and other vulnerable groups in society.

She’s kicking off the launch with a Backyard Sessions series. It’s a collection of music video collaborations between Miley and a heap of other artists including Joan Jett, Laura Jane Grace, Melanie Safka and Ariana Grande.

The first collab is up on Facebook and it features Miley and Joan Jett singing ‘Different’. Apparently it was actually filmed in Miley’s backyard.

She’s also posted up a cover of Dido’s ‘No Freedom’. Seems like the rest of the Backyard Sessions videos are still to come.

Donations to Happy Hippie will support a number of programs they’re putting into place including a digital support group for LGBT youth and their families, support services and basic needs items for homeless youth in Los Angeles, and support services for transgender women living with HIV in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Nick work Miley. Power to ya.


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