Beyoncé teaches us ‘How To Make Lemonade’ in her 600-page book

You’ll be crazy in love.

When life gives you lemons, slay and make a badass 600-page coffee table book. 

Adding another jewel to her already bedazzled crown, Queen B is dropping the How To Make Lemonade box set. 

How To Make Lemonade takes us behind the scenes of Beyoncé’s career-defining sixth studio album, Lemonade. Offering exclusive photos and saucy details about the inspo behind some of the visual album’s most mysterious and provocative moments. 

For nearly 300 (American) dollar dollar bills you will get the collector’s edition coffee table book, and audio and visual album downloads.

You’ll also receive a copy of the first pressing of Lemonade’s double vinyl LP featuring bangers such as ‘Sorry’ and ‘Formation’.

The box set is now available for pre order online via Beyoncé’s store.


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