Cat yoga is a real thing

Downward dogs with a feline touch.

Yes. It’s true. There’s a cat yoga studio in NYC.

But before you get your hopes up, the cats aren’t the ones doing yoga. However, if you’re a proud crazy cat lady, this is probably still a dream come true. 

Cat yoga is based on the same premise as the cat café, you do yoga surrounded by some adorable and adoptable feline friends.

The cat café is not a new thing anymore. The first one opened in Taiwan in 1998 and it quickly spawned a worldwide phenomenon. Cat cafés spread through Europe, America and Australia, and extended to new café concepts featuring other furry pals (there is a goat café in Tokyo, no joke). None have stuck as much as the original though, and cat yoga just takes it to the next level.

Meow Parlour in New York’s Lower East Side is your regular cat café that hosts weekly cat yoga sessions running for an hour and a half, including ample cat-bonding time.

For the dog-lovers out there, don’t worry. Apparently Doga (dog yoga) has been a certified thing in the States since 2001.

And while there’s no news yet of any cat yoga studios in Melbourne, in the meantime you can get your caffeine and feline fix at Cat Café Melbourne.

Images via The Cut.

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