Doughnut Time is dropping a gold-flaked 1kg Nutella doughnut tomorrow

24 karat magic.

Tomorrow, the world will come together to honour all things chocolate.

Doughnut time is celebrating World Chocolate Day with a limited edition doughnut. And we wouldn’t expect anything less.

The Donutella Versace is an extra large creation weighing over 1kg, thanks to the inclusion of 10 different types of chocolate. We’ve died and gone to sugary heaven.

The Hershey’s and cocoa doughnut is filled with Nutella and topped with chocolate glaze, chocolate flakes, KitKat, Oreo, fudge brownie, chocolate sprinkles and choc chips, plus a mini jar of Nutella.

You can get this one on pre-order now, or shop it in Doughnut Time stores from tomorrow until Thursday July 13.


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