Ettitude launches coffee-infused bedding

There are already 2,000 people on the waitlist.

If you had told us our bed sheets could be infused with coffee, we would have assumed you were making us breakfast in bed.

Apparently we’re wrong, because Ettitude has done just that. 

Presenting Ettitude’s Bamboo Coffee Bedding Collection.

The new arrival sees the label’s bamboo lyocell fabric infused with repurposed coffee grounds, sourced from cafes around the world.

The coffee yarns are made by S.Cafe, a company specialising in coffee-based materials. They blend the coffee grounds with a base polymer yarn made from recycled plastic drink bottles, which is then woven into Ettitude’s bamboo lyocell to create the fabric of gods.

Aside from reducing waste, the new range harnesses coffee’s natural ability to neutralise odours and wicks away sweat up to 50 per cent faster than cotton. Sheets stay fresh for longer, meaning you don’t have to wash them as often.

That’s pretty impressive for bed sheets.

The collection is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. By funding the campaign, backers can enjoy up to 30 per cent off the retail price.

See the collection and pre-order here.


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