Graphic designer matches everyday objects with Pantone colours and the results are unreal

A personal project of tiny proportion.

Graphic designer Inka Mathew has a serious eye for colour.

In an ongoing visual project, she has been matching tiny objects with their corresponding Pantone colours. And it is spot on.

For two years, Inka has been taking a photo of each visual match and posts it in her series called Tiny PMS Match. Inka says “I took pictures of things that piqued my interest and/or have special meaning to me. It’s kinda like my life visual journal as well.”

The everyday objects range from tiny strawberries (Pantone 7621) to green skittles (Pantone 369C). To say she has a keen eye for detail is an understatement. 

A hardcover book of the series will be released next Spring. Until then check out her Instagram and Tumblr.


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