Instagram has introduced a new ‘archive’ option

For when you’re just not ready to delete.

Sometimes you just want to start afresh on your Instagram. Maybe upload a bunch of new pictures with a white frame?

Deleting memories is hard, though. Deleting likes, even harder. But what if there’s a place to stash them all? Looks like now, there is.

At the start of the year, Instagram was testing an ‘archive’ option that allowed users to hide old posts, without sending them to the trash.

Today, that feature has gone public.

Click into the ellipsis menu on a photo (…) and you’ll find a new option at the top labelled ‘archive’.

This archive function will remove the image from your profile and add it to a private gallery, that only you can see. Don’t worry though, followers don’t get notified when a post is archived.

Best thing is, you can return the picture to its old position on your feed if need be.

Once archived, finding your old pics is easy. The archive gallery is accessed through a rewind button on your profile, when you download the 10.21 update.

It’s time for a new look. Happy posting.


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