We tried the new Coke Zero, to mixed reviews

Can No Sugar ever live up to its predecessor?

Here at the Fashion Journal office, Coke Zero forms an unswerving part of our daily routine.

Like the morning coffee run, at 3pm we religiously toddle off to the servo for that sweet, sweet juice.

So we were devastated when we heard the news that our beloved Coke Zero was being discontinued. How could Coca-Cola do this? Could No Sugar ever live up to its predecessor? Would our lives ever be the same?

No doubt you’ve had the same thoughts. So we’re here to shed a little light on the black hole that your life is quickly becoming. Today three of our office’s Coke Zero devotees tried the new sugarfree formula and here’s what we thought.

Leah – Editor

First impression: it does taste more like regular Coke. However after years off the stuff, it’s going to take me a while to become reacquainted with the taste. It seems sweeter than Coke Zero (minus points), however it didn’t leave my mouth feeling furry and sugary like regular Coke does (plus points). While it hasn’t won me over just yet, in the sad absence of Coke Zero I will have to learn to love it. 

Rating: a solid 7/10, but I am confident we can grow and mature together into a 9.5.

Patrick – Director

I’m not so sure about this one, it’s definitely no Coke Zero. Immediately, it’s sweeter in taste. You can taste the sweetener. I much prefer Coke Zero for its dryness, which No Sugar is definitely lacking. 

Rating: I’d award it a 6/10. Seven, tops.

Giulia – Online editor

On first sip, I can’t reallyyy tell the difference. The aftertaste is certainly more peppery, I guess more in line with the OG Coke flavour? I had great fears for this new formula but I’ve got to say, I’m relatively impressed. While it’s not quite Coke Zero, the transition to this new formula shouldn’t be too brutal.

Rating: given my expectations, I have to go with 8.5/10.


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