Marc Jacobs again to cast models with Instagram hashtag

Now turn the camera on you.

Like a lot of people, we love (as in really love) a sneaky selfie. Now, instead of hiding them behind passwords or padlocks, we can all bring them forth to the light.

The big companies in the world are turning around and asking the people to join them. What they seek is realness; real people, capturing real moments in real time. And we are all for it. 

The shift in the selfie perception all started with Marc Jacobs (our new found hero), who is now on his second Instagram cast for talent. Again using the hashtag #castmemarc, Marc’s people are again scouting the social medium to find the faces of his next campaign.

Through this hashtag, Jacobs has started a new trend in casting and modelling agencies are jumping on the band wagon too. The famous IMG modelling agency is also using Instagram to find undiscovered talent and introduce them to the world.

Those private fantasies that you have of being pampered, photographed and embracing the limelight, could very well become reality. All simply as a result of the no longer shameful action of taking a selfie. 

Good luck to all. Let the selfie snapping begin!

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