Mina Gerges is your Friday lol


You have to check out internet sensation Mina Gerges’ hilarious renditions of celebrities. Gerges who is originally from Egypt and now residing in Canada has over 90,000 followers on Instagram.

The fanboy’s claim to fame are his parodies of iconic women from Kim K in her ‘breaking the internet’ Paper shoot, to Beyonce’s ‘Queen’ look, to RiRi in the puffy pink frock she just wore at the Grammys. Gerges is even said to have made all the props and costumes himself. Impressive!

The Western University in Canada student reported on twitter, “I’m very fortunate because I want people to see a different way expressing your individuality, and that its okay to do that!”

We’ve put together some of our favorites but if that’s not enough hit up his Instagram @keepingupwithmina.


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