Sofi Spritz are releasing a new drink and want your vote

We are so on board with this.

You may have heard of the drink, Sofi Spritz. It’s an Australian take on the Veneto Spritz from Italy. Blood orange, bitters, a South Australian Riesling wine and a bit of sparkling water. Yes people. It is absolutely delicious.

The guys behind Sofi Spritz are pretty keen to bring out a second flavour and have teamed up with Pozible to make it happen. You can pledge some bucks to the company to help with their development and production costs.

So this is the fun part. They have two drinks in mind but can only afford to bring out one. Sad face. That’s ok because every person who pledges gets to make a vote to help them choose.

Option one is Hugo. The Hugo is the most popular aperitivo around the Italian Alps. It’s usually made with white wine, soda water, fresh mint leaves and lemon syrup. They’re tweaking this recipe by using a fresh lemon and elderflower syrup instead.

Option two is Clerico. It’s a sangria that uses white wine, cranberry, grapefruit, a few other citrus berries and sparkling water. Everybody knows about sangria with red wine but sangria blanco is definitely not receiving enough love. They’ve called it Clerico because that’s what it’s called in Argentina and Paraguay.


The Pozible campaign ends next week on Friday 1 May. There are all sorts of rewards that come with pledging and they plan to bring the drink to market mid this year.

We are so on board with this.



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