Someone created an app to show where women feel most unsafe in Melbourne

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Us gals are all too familiar with that itching feeling of unease we get walking alone in the city at night.

But a crowd-sourced initiative could be about to give us just a *little* peace of mind.

Plan International has created a digital mapping tool called Free To Be, aiming to help women reclaim the city. The app identifies areas around Melbourne’s CBD, where women have noted an experience of assault or feeling unsafe. 

If something happens, or you just don’t feel quite right, you can drop a pin on a location and attach a comment about your experience.

Free To Be plans on feeding this information back to police, councils and public transport operators.

The map is open for contributions until December 12. After that, the map will still be freely accessible for personal reference.

There is also the possibility that the concept could be expanded to other cities across Aus.

Here’s to reclaiming our streets.


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