Sushi Kit Kats are officially a thing, making their debut this weekend

Not sure if excited or disturbed.

From Hello Kitty wine to LED light skirts, Japan just nails it every time.

Now, on a whole new spectrum of cute, a Kit Kat specialty store in Tokyo will be rolling out Kit Kat sushi.

For this weekend only, chocolate lovers can line up at the Ginza store and treat themselves to tuna, sea urchin or egg Kit Kats.

But don’t worry, they’re purely sushi-inspired. Raspberry flavour on white chocolate makes up the tuna edition. The egg sushi sees a pumpkin pudding flavour on puffed white chocolate-covered rice. Meanwhile, the sea urchin is made of Hokkaido Melon and mascarpone cheese candies, wrapped in seaweed.

Sets of three are available for 3000 yen (around $26).

Very kawaii.


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