Coca-Cola has started printing cans and bottles in braille

Sharing the happiness.

Coca-Cola has done it again.

We have all experienced (and still do) the child like excitement when seeing our names printed on anything – especially a Coca-Cola product. There is the sudden (overwhelming) urge to stock-up and buy all the bottles and cans you can physically carry.

Now everyone has the chance to feel that happiness, as the market giant is printing names in braille. The visually impaired and blind Coca-Cola lovers are no longer missing out on the “Share a Coke” fun.

Advertising agent Anonimo in Mexico introduced the braille version of the “Share a Coke” campaign and it became an instant hit. The results lead to new vending machines made to cater for braille products that were distributed in cinemas nationwide.

Geometry Global in Argentina also followed the trend by sharing the happiness with the blind soccer team members of Los Murcielagos (The Bats), providing each team member with a custome made bottle.

In Central and South America everyone’s enjoying some serious Coca-Cola lovin’. 


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