The UNFappening is dressing nude celebs.

Restoring dignity, one overlay at a time.

As celeb nudes continue to leak in the recently coined ‘The Fappening’, one movement is bringing decency to its victims. A project named The UNFappening is seeking to cover up the goodies exposed, while showcasing the works of artists at the same time. And it is amazing.

Taking submissions form the public, the site publishes celeb nudes as tastefully covered by artists. The results are mixed: some are intriguing, some are clever and some are just plain funny.

But more than just mere edits, the pieces have spun the original ‘Fappening’ on its head.  The movement has taken power from those behind the leaks, instead celebrating the bodies of those involved as art.

We in no way support or condone the leaked pictures, but can’t help but agree with The UNFappening’s statement: “The fappening happened. We can’t change that. But we can cover it up. It’s the least we can do.”

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