There’s a new dating app on the scene and you’ll never use Tinder again

Making dreams Happn.

You know when you’re out somewhere and you spot a fine looking specimen across the room? And because you see no ring on that finger, you take a moment to consider approaching them? But then you’re stopped by the harsh reality that you’re an extremely awkward human being who’s incapable of interaction with a stranger (or is that just us?). 

Instead, you spend those fleeting seconds imagining your perfect life together: travelling the world, adopting 16 dogs, becoming Instagram famous – you know, regular couple stuff. And then, as quickly as the pretend romance amounted, they’re gone. 

Well, for awkward humans like us, new dating app Happn is turning that ‘what if’ into a reality. 

The app helps you discover the people you’ve crossed paths with and would like to find again. It’s based on real-time locations, meaning every time you are literally near another member, their profile appears on your app. Simple. 

Happn basically gives you a second chance. The chance to find that beautiful stranger who once caught your eye on the train/in your local coffee shop. And just like that, your dream of 16 dogs is a possibility once more.

The next steps are simple. Once you cross paths with someone you like, you give them a ‘heart’. This is a secret action that the other person won’t find out about unless they’ve liked you too. No fear of rejection necessary.

You may also send a ‘Charm’ to let them know you’re interested. A Charm sends the other person a notification and if you both like each other, you can start a conversation and watch the magic Happn (see what we did there?).

For those a little more cautious about privacy, you can use the app freely knowing it’s 100 per cent safe. The location of a user remains completely invisible (you can only see where you roughly crossed paths). Happn also allows for blocking users and reporting any unwanted behaviour at the time. 

To sign up, you just need a Facebook account. This allows Happn to use FB’s connect software, to show common friends and interests and to help to stop fake profiles.

Happn is free on Android and iOS, and with success in over 30 cities worldwide, we’re pretty sure this will be your new favourite app.

You can download it here.


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