A dating website dedicated to fans of Kanye West is coming

Image via Getty Images
Words by Eve Oswald

“When you’re the absolute best, you get hated on the most.”

Sick of going on tired dates with people who just don’t get your Kanye obsession?

Yeezy.Dating is a new online dating service aiming to launch through Crowdfunder.

Made to celebrate Yeezy and maybe even help you find the Kim to your Kanye, the website is the perfect answer for hopeless Yeezus fans romantics. Perhaps it may even lead to that special someone you can wear matching Boosts with.

While the crowdfunding campaign is currently nowhere near its goal, you can still get early access to Yeezy.Dating by signing up here.

There’s only one rule. No Taylor Swift fans allowed. (Seriously though, they’re banned).


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