These nude incense holders are the perfect gift for your favourite exhibitionist

Words by Fashion Journal

Images via Liv & Dom

Send nudes.

If you’ve always wanted to own (or gift) some tasteful nudes, consider your search over.

Liv and Dom are artists and identical twins from Sussex in the UK, and their namesake online store specialises in decor and accessories that are just a little bit rude. Think boob candle holders, nude fridge magnets and slightly suggestive greeting cards. 

But personally, we can’t go past the duo’s ‘Rude Nude’ incense holders. Totally in the buff, the figurines feature an assortment of hairstyles, skin colours, fancy footwear and strategically-placed orifices.

Each piece is handmade to order, so you can sleep easy knowing your nude is one of a kind (phew).

And if you want to take things one step further, (because obviously, you do) why not have a nude made in your actual likeness.  

Pick your desired finish (shiny or matte) and customise your own hair colour, body hair, tattoos, scars and favourite shoes – the more details you give Liv and Dom the better. 


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