Pyjamas with your dog’s face printed on them is your next investment

Image via @pataltschul/Instagram

Giving pets the honour they deserve.

We’ve just about seen it all when it comes to pet-themed merch. There’s been dog tag necklaces, swimwear with pets printed on them and matching PJ sets for humans and their sausage dogs. The only thing that’s better than all of those things? Pyjamas with your dog’s face on them.

This delightful and downright necessary creation is brought to us by Patricia’s Couture. The brand is better known for making custom caftans featuring the faces of pets everywhere.

But because no one really wears caftans in 2018, we’re focussing on the sleepwear side of things. Made in India, the pyjamas come in a long-sleeve style, are unisex and made from a cotton-poly blend. To order, simply upload an image of your pet, check out and wait four to six weeks.

What better way to honour your pet furever?


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