Fake influencers are costing brands up to $200 million USD per year

Illustration by Twylamae
Words by Tara Smtih


We’ve already delved into how easy it is to become a fake Instagram influencer, but new findings show that phony social media accounts are apparently costing brands up to $200 million USD per year.

A report released by US-based marketing company Captiv8 looked into social spending, with results showing that brands paid around $2.1 billion USD to online influencers in 2017. Of that, 11 per cent of those accounts were fake, proving just how costly this epidemic is.

Since Instagram announced it would start deleting fake accounts back in November, we can only hope this amount has decreased. But with real influencers now Photoshopping themselves in picturesque locations for sponsored content, can anyone really be trusted?

Check out the full report from Captiv8 for yourself here.


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