Slippers that look exactly like your pets are here to keep you up at night

Images Via Cuddle Clones
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Furry feet friends.

Animal owners beware: slippers that look identical to your pets have arrived to confuse and terrify your entire household.

Cuddle Clones the company that brought us custom stuffed animals is offering a line of bespoke slippers, which you can order to look exactly like your fluffy little friends.

All you have to do is supply some pet pics and choose from a whole bunch of customisable options, from eye colour right down to ear position. The site allows you to upload up to seven photos of your fur baby, just to ensure they really nail every detail.

The fun even extends to mixing and matching, where you can order a right slipper for one pet, and a left for the other. 

Head on here for the purchase that’s been missing from your life.


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