The ‘Pizza Fork’ is already the best thing to come out of 2019

Image via Daniel Morvec/Kickstarter
Words by Tara Smith

Everyone else can go home.

It turns out, we as a nation have been missing a fundamentally important tool in our everyday kitchen rotation.

Introducing the Pizza Fork, a magnificent solution to one of life’s biggest problems. Any pizza-lover will be familiar with the laborious task of eating a pizza slice with both hands – whether you use a knife and fork or no cutlery at all, it’s a problem we all face.

But now, the Pizza Fork is here to change things.

Available on Kickstarter, the revolutionary design allows diners to simultaneously cut and eat a pizza slice in one smooth action, leaving you to singlehandedly devour your pizza like you’ve always wanted to.

The ergonomic fork handle mimics a traditional steak knife, with a protective safety cover over the blade of the cutting wheel. Perfection.

And perhaps most importantly of all, the Pizza Fork is not just limited to its namesake. You can also use it for pancakes, waffles, steaks or chops.

It’s currently available for $10 USD a pop, with the option to buy in bulk for the very wallet-friendly price of $168 USD.

The game has changed forever.

Head here to order yours.


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