Rosé vodka is here to cure your Mondayitis

Rose Vodka

Image via Hangar 1
Words by Tara Smith

Thank you, spirit lords.

Frosé, rosé jam and rosé popsicles. We’d thought we’d seen it all.

It seems 2017’s buzz wine is asserting its relevance in the new year with the release of rosé vodka.

Californian distillery Hangar 1 is responsible for the concoction, blending its signature straight vodka with a mix of Northern Californian petit verdot and white meritage grapes.

The spirit contains floral notes with hints of apple, sweet pea blossoms and oak, and features a crispy acidic finish that you’d expect from a sip of regular vodka.

According to Bon Appétit, it tastes like ‘vodka watered down slightly with rosé’. Makes sense.

While unfortunately, the rosé vodka is currently only available in the US, here’s a bunch of pink gins you can sample instead.


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