Samsung tempts our noughties nostalgia with its new Galaxy Z Flip phone

Words by Jasmine Wallis

Tiny handbags, low slung jeans, and now flip phones — the 00s are well and truly back.

If you’ve missed the feeling of ending a phone call with the abrupt snap of your phone, then you’re in luck. 

This week, Samsung unveiled its new foldable smartphone. It looks like a modern mobile phone with a 6.7-inch screen, but folds in half into a pocket-sized square.

The colours set to launch on February 14 are purple and black, with a gold colourway also available in select countries. A limited-edition red, white, blue and grey model was also revealed in partnership with the New York brand Thom Browne


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Aside from its slick design, the fold-away design is meant to give users a break from the constant communication that modern smartphones provide us with. 

When closed, the phone has a small rectangular display on its front to show your notifications, calls and alarms. 

It’ll set you back $1,380 USD, and with the Galaxy Z Flip being reminiscent of the ever-popular mid-00s style, the phone’s combination of modern technology and nostalgia could prove pretty successful.

So, the next big question is, can we cover it in diamantes or charms? 


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