Starburst is leaving supermarket shelves

Image via Starburst/Facebook
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Goodnight, sweet prince.

This is the end of our childhoods, or possibly the world.

Coles has joined Woolworths in its crimes against lollies and axed Starburst from its confectionery aisles.

Citing a lack of demand and shelf space, the supermarket chain will no longer stock Starburst’s large variety of fruity treats.

Woolworths also stopped selling the range back in 2015 but this time, the public is not taking the news lying down. A petition to reverse the move is already gaining traction.

We can take small comfort from Coles’ assurances that it did not make this decision lightly. Assurances won’t bring Fruit Chews or Sucks back, though.

For now, your good mates at IGA are still selling the brand, but you better stock up because nothing is safe anymore.


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