Somebody call 2005: ‘Final Destination’ is getting a reboot

Image via Final Destination
Words by Tara Smith

Alert the masses.

Some 19 years after the release of the first Final Destination film, the franchise is making a comeback.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema is gearing up for its sixth Final Destination film, signing on Saw writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan.

Those familiar with the franchise will remember the insane plot – after narrowly escaping death, each character is slowly met with an extremely elaborate and violent end. Personally, I’ll never forget the infamous ‘tanning bed’ scene, which gave me a phobia of solariums from a very young age.

Details for the sixth instalment are few and far between, however it is being billed as a ‘reimagining of the franchise’. And since the writers of Saw have joined the reboot, we can probably expect the same level of gore and violence.

Perhaps ironically, the film itself seems to evade death time and time again, but we’ll reserve judgement for now.


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