JAGGAD and Strongbow team up for a day at the Portsea Polo

Rather grand.

JAGGAD’s marquee was the place to be seen at the Portsea Polo, with a crowd of influencers and celebs gathering to enjoy the festivities.

The sun-soaked day also provided the perfect opportunity to sip on this summer’s most Instagram-worthy drink: rosé cider.

You’ve probably seen the pretty pink drop trending on your Instagram feed, and now it’s readily available in Australia with the release of Strongbow’s Blossom Rosé Cider. The blend is designed to satisfy the palettes of rosé lovers and make the relaxed cider experience a tad more sophisticated. Perfect for any summer occasion, the refreshing hybrid is best enjoyed in a wine glass, over ice and garnished with strawberries

High profile guests at the JAGGAD marquee included Bec Judd, Brooke Hogan, Lana Wilkinson, Laura Henshaw, Michelle Greene, Nadia Bartel and Kylie Brown.

Soak up the atmosphere in the gallery above.


This article is brought to you by Strongbow

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