A new Spice Girls movie is officially in the works

Image via @spicegirls/Twitter
Words by Ruby Staley


Stop right now, thank you very much.

Dust off your precious Spice World DVD and get ready to spice up your life once again.

After months of rumours circulating about another Spice Girls movie, we can finally confirm that the iconic girl group is set to grace our screens in a whole new way.

An animated film featuring the band has been slated for release in 2020, and all five members are on board. Paramount Animation president, Mireille Soria, has revealed the entire group will be involved in voicing their own characters. Yes, even Posh.

The film is also set to include a number of classics we know and love, with some new tunes thrown in the mix.

To make things even cooler, the studio behind the film is a female-led team, which feels appropriate for the feminist message the Spice Girls have always championed.

For those who are yet to get their girl power fix live in concert, you can relax knowing that at least a new movie is now on its way.


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