Spotlight on: Simply Cushions

The most underrated decor item.

A cushion might just be the most underrated decor item of all. Forget revamping your room with a fresh coat of paint, throw some new cushions on the couch and you’ve got an instant and (budget-friendly) update.

Simply Cushions places utmost importance on the humble cushion. The online store is dedicated to finding the perfect accent for any room. 

It lets you shop by design, size, colour, pattern, fabric or the space you’re wanting to fill. You’ll find more than just your regular cushion covers too, with a recently-released range of large floor cushions available in colourful prints, premium velvet and two-tone designs.

Simply Cushions also offers 30-day free returns so if you change your mind, you can simply swap it for something else.

With covers from $25, inserts from $9 and free shipping on orders over $80, it’s the perfect excuse to play interior decorator.


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