The Happy Scrubs is a Melbourne initiative making free scrubs for healthcare workers


Unlike the TLC song, Australia does, in fact, want more scrubs.

Over the last few weeks, it’s been incredible to see the way Australians have rallied together, helping each other through this challenging time in whatever ways they can.

Many businesses, too, have donated their time, money and expertise to help fight the pandemic, with fashion labels like Scanlan Theodore announcing plans to repurpose its Fiji factory to make much needed personal protective equipment, something that is currently in short supply globally.

In Melbourne, Amelia Hermawan, an event producer at design agency Moth Design, started making free scrubs for health care workers that were in her social circle, and quickly found herself overwhelmed with orders. After mentioning her project to her co-workers and boss at Moth Design, the company decided to launch The Happy Scrubs, setting up a GoFundMe page where you can donate money to help keep up with the demand for new scrubs.

Moth Design reached out to its friends in the events and arts industry – many of whom have been stood down or are out of work freelancers – to help sew more scrubs, and currently the initiative has models, fashion stylists, fashion design graduates and costume makers working on the project.

Melbourne-based sewers can lend a hand too. By signing up on The Happy Scrub’s website, printed patterns, elastic, fabric and instructions can all be sent to you, or you can arrange for a contactless pickup.
Healthcare workers can then order scrubs directly from the website, and if you can’t sew but would still like to help out, donating money to the GoFundme page will help create many more much-needed scrubs.

Even though it only launched on April 9, The Happy Scrubs has already sent out 500 metres of fabric (the equivalent of 114 sets of scrubs) to over 50 sewers. To get involved, head to its Instagram and website, and if you have the means, considering donating to The Happy Scrubs GoFundMe page

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