Make your period way cuter with these menstruation GIFs

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

GIF via Ovary Actions

End the stigma.

In a world where our emotions are best communicated in meme and GIF-form, there can never be too many to choose from.

Californian artist Annie Wong has created a series of animated GIFs that show periods in a positive and healthy light.

As part of her Ovary Actions project, Wong’s goal is to normalise menstruation, encouraging others to ditch strange terms like ‘Dracula’s tea-bag’ (really?) and to instead call it as it is. The GIFs poke fun at some of these weird euphemisms in a super witty and adorable way.

Annie told Teen Vogue, “I think it would be really cool if we could all become a little more chill and comfortable with talking about this totally natural thing, that for so long has been painted with a broad brush of negativity.”

Though they’re not available for texting or messaging apps quite yet, we’re pretty stoked about extending our GIF vocab. Check them out via Annie’s website and inject them into your daily GIF vocab. 


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