Colour-changing gin exists and thank you science

Image via Marks and Spencer
Words by Nikki Escalante

Pretty in pink.

As if we needed another excuse to love G&T, Marks and Spencer has released a colour-changing gin.

Courtesy of a collaboration with Scottish distillery, The Old Curiosity, the retailer has welcomed two new flavours to its shelves.

The British Rose and British Lavender spirits are already tinted in a pale rose gold and purple respectively. But add a little splash of tonic and it transforms the drinks into shades of pink.

Marks and Spencer explained that the tonic changes the pH of the gin’s natural distilled spirit, resulting in its altered colouration.

We f*cking love science.

Sadly, there’s no dice on Australian shipping at this stage, but for anyone blessed with British friends, the range will be available online later this week.


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