Thinx releases $500 blanket for no-mess period sex

Words by Rosie Macquire.

Period sex just became way less messy.

After revolutionising periods with the launch of period undies, Thinx is now adding a mess-free sex blanket to its repertoire.  

The period sex blanket is designed to catch any mess you might encounter while getting it on with Aunt Flow present.

An alternative to throwing down a towel, this $500 blanket features Thinx’s signature 4-layer absorbing technology on one side and a super cosy, yet sexy, plush satin on the other.

Aside from stopping any stubborn red stains from ruining your beautiful linen, Thinx wants to change the dialogue around period sex, encouraging women to be open about our periods. After all, a little romp during your time of the month can help relieve menstrual cramps, shorten periods and increase your sex drive.


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