San Cisco’s Scarlett Stevens shares her LA travel diary with us

Holiday snaps.

San Cisco is a great example of a small Aussie band making it big. The Fremantle-based group has just released its third album, The Water, and is about to head out on a national tour before heading to The States.

Between tours, drummer Scarlett Stevens spent some much-needed downtime in LA. Here’s a peek at her travel diary and how to do LA, Scarlett style.

Echo Park Lake

I recently finished up an Australian tour with GUM and headed to the US for a holiday. I was visiting my bf James (who is also a musician) to enjoy some downtime between tours, before we both had to hit the road again. This was taken on the Echo Park Lake. We hired a paddle boat for an hour and it was the best $10 we spent. I like this spot for its 10/10 people watching and dog spotting. 

The Rose Bowl Flea Markets

I died and went to flea market heaven (or hell for some) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. It took four hours to navigate this one billion square metre maze of vintage/retro collectables, sprawled out across a stadium carpark. 

Griffith Observatory

This is my babin’ friend from Perth, Brooke, who’s pretty much an LA native now. On this day we went to Sqirl (you have to say it with a Californian accent for full effect… like ‘squrrrl’), a delicious brunch spot famous for its toast and rice bowls. We then headed up into the Hills, not too far from the Hollywood sign, and walked around the Griffith Observatory. The views of the city and surrounding hills are panoramic up here. It was a pretty hazy day but you can sort of make out Downtown’s silhouette in the distance.

Psychic Parlour, La Brea Avenue

This was taken along North La Brea on my way to Jet Rag, another hot spot for secondhand clothing. There are psychic houses like these everywhere in the US for all your mystic needs. LA is so spread out, it’s hard to cram in too many activities in the day. You really have to pick just one street or a neighbourhood and put half a day aside for walking around and exploring. There’s lots of great cafes, fabric stores and fancy vintage shops worth checking out along La Brea, like We Wore What, Golyester, American Rag and Mood fabrics. 

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Me standing at the entrance of LACMA. Just as we were about to leave the museum, we stumbled across the incredible James Turrell installation, ‘Breathing Light’. Turrell creates a colourful, boundless and interactive space in which you feel as though you’re floating in infinite light. The walls and floor blur into one and colours seamlessly change, subverting your perception of depth and time. It was really beautiful.

San Cisco’s The Water is out now. You can buy it here.


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